66fit Speed Reaction Balls / Reaktionsball

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66fit Speed Reaction Balls

Add a fun element to your workout with 66fit rubber reaction ball!

Our ultra-fast unpredictable reaction balls allow you to hone your reaction times, improve hand/eye coordination and sharpen your reflexes all whilst having fun!

Simply throw the ball on the floor or against a wall, watch it bounce and react to improve your speed, agility and catching skills. 66fit Reaction Balls are also an ideal choice to target your sense of balance and proprioception.

In addition the irregularly shaped rubber balls may be used as a massage tool to target specific trigger points. Choose between the 7cm and 10cm sizes for specific body areas.

Why Choose the 66fit Reaction Balls?

Manufactured to a high standard from a hard wearing rubber the 66fit reaction balls are a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.

The non-marking rubber balls are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and catch and are a great additional tool to throw into your existing sports based conditioning and training workout programme.

The balls may be used alone or by two or more people in a group training environment. Reaction balls form an invaluable part of the reflex training of many sports professionals including cricketers, rugby players, tennis, badminton and squash players.

This product is available in a 7cm or 10cm size for a larger sized hand.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the reaction ball, with additional videos available online.


  • The 66fit Reaction Ball is designed to improve hand eye coordination, speed, agility and reaction times.
  • Widely used by sports professionals for cricket, rugby and racket sports training.
  • Suitable for use by one person or in a group training environment.
  • Non-marking hard wearing rubber construction.
  • Irregular shape for completely unpredictable bounce.

Colour: Red
Size: 7cm or 10cm
Main Material: Rubber
Presented In: Colour Box
Made in Taiwan


66fit Geschwindigkeits-Reaktionsball (klein oder groß). Dieser ultraschnelle Ball wurde entwickelt, um die Hand-Augen-Koordination, Geschwindigkeit, Agilität und Reaktionsfähigkeit zu verbessern. Wird von Profisportlern genutzt.


  • Material: Gummi
  • Maße: 7 cm x 7 cm oder 10cm x 10cm
  • Farbe: Rot


Entwickelt, um die Hand-Augen-Koordination, Geschwindigkeit, Agilität und Reaktionsfähigkeit zu verbessern. Wird von Profisportlern, wie beispielsweise Kricket-, Tennis-, Badminton- und Squash-Spielern genutzt.

Aufgrund des Designs lässt sich nicht vorhersagen, in welche Richtung der Ball springt, nachdem er auf den Boden aufgeprallt ist.

Lassen Sie den Reaktionsball ganz einfach auf einer harten Bodenoberfläche aufprallen und sehen Sie, wie er in zufällige Richtungen zurückprallt.

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