66fit Aqua Flotation Dumbbells / Schwimmhanteln

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66fit Aqua Flotation Dumbbells

Add another Dimension to your Aqua Aerobic Workout with 66fit Aqua Dumbbells!

The 66fit Aqua Flotation Dumbbells have been designed to add extra resistance to your pool based exercise regime.

Suitable for use during both rehabilitation and aqua aerobic training sessions, use our floatation dumbbell set to strengthen and tone the upper body area.

Why Choose the 66fit Flotation Aqua Dumbbells Set?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit Flotation Dumbbells are a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.

Universally sized, our set of two dumbbells provide the extra resistance you need to step up your training whether it be as part of a general aqua fitness programme or an essential element of your rehabilitation.

Constructed from high quality, long lasting EVA Foam, 66fit dumbbells are lightweight, portable and durable making them the ideal addition to your swimming pool kit.

Instructional graphics about our aqua dumbbells are available online.


  • Set of two EVA Foam dumbbells. Suitable for both rehabilitation and aqua aerobic exercise programmes.
  • Specifically designed to provide extra resistance to any aqua based workout.
  • Use to help strengthen and tone upper body.
  • Lightweight, durable and extremely portable.
  • Universal sizing.


Colour: Blue
Dimensions: 15cm x 30cm x 27cm
Material: EVA Foam
Presented In: Poly Bag
Made in Taiwan


Die 66fit Aqua Schwimmhanteln aus hochwertigem EVA-Schaumstoff bringen Ihr Wassertraining auf eine neue Ebene. (1 Paar).


  • Material: EVA-Schaumstoff (Ethylenvinylacetat)
  • Farbe: Blau
  • Maße: 15 cm x 30 cm x 27cm
  • 1 x Paar


Diese leichtgewichtigen und langlebigen Schwimmhanteln in Einheitsgröße werden für Aqua-Aerobic und Rehabilitation eingesetzt.

Entwickelt, um durch den aufgebauten Widerstand während Ihres Wassertrainings die obere Körperhälfte zu trainieren und in Form zu bringen.

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